"Got the ketubah this week. Totally exceeded my expectations. Nice, high quality print, paper and great packaging—the fiance is pleased as well."

— Warren V.


"Who knows, this may be just the beginning of a Cool Ketubah revolution that sweeps the world, or at least our small part of it, and brings peace and prosperity to all! Or at least to those Gen X+ jews who like the tradition of the ketubah but not so much the ickle wickle stone tablets and mount sinai's that decorate most of them. Let's face it, Jews have never been known for their style (technicolor dream coat notwithstanding) and it's about time."

— Abbi W.


"We love our ketubah and have been showing everybody. They love it, too."

— Daniel R.


"Jason, the ketubah looks great, thanks!"

— Karen G.


"I love it. I am so glad you have enough time to do it. Your designs are really fantastic."

— Jennifer M.


"I think it's perfectly suited for us! I'm so glad we can be your first "seculars"... we are very excited that we found a ketubah that spoke to our relationship."

— Ondrea S.


"Looks just awesome."

— Adam Z.


"We were googling Ketubahs online and found your site! You have the nicest ones!!"

— Scott S.


"Jason, you rule! Thank you! I couldn’t be more excited."

— Dani L.



— Kate L.


"We received the ketubah today and love it. Thank you for your beautiful work."

— Hillary S.


"The ketubah is perfect. We can't wait to frame it!"

— Joanne M.


"Awesome! We love it!"

— Steph S.


"I’m jewish, so I'm all too familiar with butt ugly ketubahs. This is perfect for my next wedding guide. Thank you a million!"

— Emily F.